Why the right choice of glasses matter when it comes to the taste of your drink

Why the right choice of glasses matter when it comes to the taste of your drink


Apparently, beautiful things make us happy. As much superficial as it may sound, it is true. At least for me it is. I enjoy design of things and how they look. And to be honest with you, I wouldn’t buy anything that looks ugly even if it is a very functional and useful thing. Because I know that I would not enjoy that thing fully.


As I found out, I am not the only one. We all care about the “look” of things. Although it may not always be a conscious decision, intuitively we choose things that make us feel good and comfortable. And the things that make us feel good and comfortable are usually things that we also find as being beautiful.


Recently I read an article about a mobile phone company that did a study on how design affects us. Without any surprises the study concluded that the pretty designs of everyday objects make us happy and creative and reduce negative feelings such as anger and resentment.




So, why is it?


The scientists say it is because our brain places great importance on visual information. How we see the world strongly influences how we feel about it and how we judge the things in it. So for example, if we consider a person to be attractive we unconsciously tend to see them and their personalities in a more favourable light. When it comes to design, the study showed that beautiful objects can have the same effect on us. Let’s say, if an object like wine glasses look good we believe that the quality is good too and we enjoy a drink more.




And then I came up with an idea. I decided to test this theory and see if it really works.


So, I invited a bunch of friends to come over on one Saturday evening for a wine tasting party. I thought, if the theory works, they should intuitively enjoy more the wine from beautiful Julianna glasses rather than from not so nice glasses. And you know what? They did. But that was not really surprising.


It was the other thing that completely blew me away.


What was quite shocking was the fact, that I served them the exact same wine only in different glasses! Without noticing it, they assessed each glass of wine as if it was a different kind of wine. And they assessed the wine in Julianna glasses as the tastiest one.


I admit, my friends are not wine experts at all, but as many of us, they are wine lovers who enjoy drinking good wine and can recognize the difference in wine.


But how come they did not find out?


Maybe you experienced it before as well. You visit a vineyard, taste wine and end up buying wine that you liked. But when you open the bottle at home…the exact same wine doesn’t taste the same way. 


The reason for it is the choice of glasses we make to drink our wine from. It is the wine glass that makes a difference - its shape, size, feel and even design. Whether we like or dislike a drink is affected by our senses.  And it is not only the taste of a drink. If the right shape of glass is used our noses can perfectly smell the aroma which intensifies the taste of a drink. And if the glass is also nice to hold and beautiful to look at, the pleasure of drinking is intensified to the maximum!


In the end, my small test confirmed the theory and I can confidently say:  YES, beautiful objects make us happy. And it also proofed that drinking wine from pretty wine glasses makes a huge difference in how we taste and enjoy our drink.


Oh, and by the way…my friends totally forgave me for playing a small prank on them J


I invite you to test this theory and let me know your opinion. Do you think the choice of glasses makes a difference in how a drink tastes? Does a good design – meaning the feel and look - of glasses matter to you?  Do you use different glasses for a more expensive wine comparing to regular wine? Do you have your favorite glass? What kind of glass design do you like the most? You can share your insights by joining the conversation in the comment section bellow.

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