How to care for Julianna


Here are simple tips on how to care for Julianna glassware & Stemware:

      • Julianna is delicate glassware and we recommend to wash it by hand only

      • Use mild detergent

      • To avoid scratches, use only soft cloths or pads

      • Glassware should be handled one piece at a time

      • Please do not pour hot or extremely cold liquids directly into glassware as this can cause breakage or cracking

      • Stemware should be held by the stem

      • Glassware, especially stemware, should be stored on its base rather than its bowl, as the bowl is not designed to hold the weight of an individual glass

      • Glassware should also be stored in a safe place where breakage will not occur, and it should never be placed on top of glass shelves, as this can cause sticking.

      • Please take a special attention when it comes to cleaning, handling, and storage of your Julianna glassware