Features of Julianna Glassware

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Advanced technology


 ~ Lead-free

Julianna is crystal glassware made by cutting-edge modern technology from molten glass known as crystalline. Juliana is completely lead-free and safe to use. It is made in ecological production preserving our Earth and health of our glassmakers. ♥


~ Brilliance and Transparency

Julianna has a pure clarity of glass that shows the true color of beverage without discoloration. The top quality of glass allows keeping high brilliance even after many washes.


~ Resistance

Our glassware has improved resistance against impact, scratching, thermo shock and mechanical damage. It has faceted rim to minimize chipping.


~ Blown glass

Julianna is a machine blown glassware produced with progressive technology called “pulled stem”. This technology allows smooth pass-over from cup to stem. Seamless stem increases appreciation of the glass and adds elegance.


Crystal stones


~ Sparkling brilliance

Julianna uses beautiful Preciosa crystal stones manufactured by the world leading company in the Czech Republic. They are perfectly cut with spectacular brilliance.  The expertise of over hundred years old art of stone cutting makes Preciosa the most top-notch quality crystals. The finest quality and the exceptional sparkling make the stones the most suitable for Julianna glassware.




~ Hand-made

Every glass from our collections is hand made by our skilled glassmakers who precisely engrave designs into glass. Julianna is a brand of craftsmanship’s genuine quality!


~ Unique design

Our collections are sincerely inspired by everyday life and special occasions in life that make people happy. We keep our minds open to come up with designs that create a positive and relaxed atmosphere. 

                                                          water glass by julianna glassware

Julianna Glass with Crystals is created as a synthesis of a quality, functionality and modern style. We believe that the secret to creating great glassware comes from finding a balance between the three. Julianna glasses are made in Slovakia, in the heart of Europe with long tradition in glassmaking. All products are designed for people who enjoy life and like to surround themselves with great things…and maybe a little bit of sparkle.