The Story of Julianna Glassware

                                               ...How Unique Crystal Glasses Are Made 

Born in the fires of Slovak Republic  

Julianna glassware is made in Europe, Slovak Republic, the country with long tradition in glassmaking and home of Bohemia crystal.

The story of our glassware starts when molten glass is turned into crystalline and life is breathed into the glass.

Molten glass is melted in a furnace with the temperature of 1200° C inside.

Various shapes of glasses are blown to make the glass just perfect!

                                                     how glassware is made

how is glassware made

Made from lead-free crystal glass

Julianna glassware is made from 100% lead free crystal glassware. 


Because lead can be harmful to your health. When a beverage is put into lead crystalware, some lead may be released into the beverages. The risk is mainly high with acidic beverages such as wine.    

We ♥ your health!

That is why we offer you only SAFE silicious natrium-potassium glass that is completely lead-free. It is also referred to as “crystalline” or “crystal glass”                                                                                   


how is glassware made

how glassware is made

Handcrafted with love and passion

"Each glass is handcrafted to perfection"

Designs are hand cut by skilled glass artists on a glass cutting machine using a diamond disk. The cutting requires specific skills so that the glass doesn’t break and the design is consistent.

how glassware is made
how glassware is made

The main part of a glass cutting machine is a diamond disk (or wheel) that rotates vertically and is constantly cooled by running water. Cooling is important to avoid any glass chipping and the water washes out the glass dust. 

The glass artist maneuvers the glass in her hands carefully but firmly with extreme precision to achieve consistent depth and width of lines. It requires very good skills and many hours of practice. 

Secrets to hand cutting are handed down from old generations. Apart from talent, glass artists need to have enough physical strength to hold and twist glassware while having their hands wet from the cooling water.

Unique designs with a modern twist

“There is a story in each glass”

The design of each collection is unique and showcases the extraordinary craftsmanship of hand-made glass cutting.

how glassware is made

The collections of Julianna glassware are exclusive and were created with the intention to bring enjoyment and comfort feelings. Collections were inspired by life and each one has a story to tell.

Our Goal is to combine functionality with the art of glassmaking and modern designing into visually stunning and authentic products

Crystals for extra exclusivity 

"Exceptional brilliance, fire and sparkle"
crystal stone

After cleaning each glass, gorgeous crystal stones are glued by hand to the glass to complete the design and give the glassware elegance and luxury feel

We use crystals made by Preciosa in Czech Republic. They are a finishing touch to elevate the beauty and brilliance of Julianna glassware.


One of a kind crystal glassware 

"Enjoy elegant crystal lifestyle"
Each Julianna product is a piece of artwork! 

It takes many hours of hand made work by glass masters, glass artists and glass designers, and a lot of love and passion, to finish each individual piece of crystal glass.

Made only from the best ingredients and without lead, Julianna glassware is ecological, safe to use with great brilliance, transparency and shine. 

Because of it's uniqueness and long creation process, Julianna glassware is available only in our e-store. 

  Julianna exclusive crystal glassware

Join the Elegant Crystal Lifestyle and create Your Own Story with Julianna!

Made only for you… with love and passion

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